The Mililani Trojan Battalion

    Welcome to Mililani's JROTC domain. Here you'll find everything you need to know about our JROTC Battalion from new news, to Drill events, to Battalion formations. Anything and everything that you need to know can be found here, or on our facebook page, Official Mililani High School JROTC.!/groups/387065281338171/   

    As we enter our next year as a battalion, we look forward to challenge ourselves again as we develop new goals to strengthen our cadets leadership skills, PT capability, and cadets work ethic. This year will be jam packed with even more competitive Drill and Raider events, service projects, Cyber Patriot competitions, and sports days. 

    We hope you find our site helpful and informative.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. 

We strive for excellence through our mission of "To motivate young people to be better citizens."



Ribbon Sorting

10/05/2014 16:50
Forget the order in which your ribbons are to follow?  Follow this link and may all your troubles be gone!