Special Teams

Raiders Team -  This team consist of 4-6 cadets who work together to accomplish physical obstacles.
Drill - Unarmed regulation: Unarmed involves marching and facing movements.
          Armed regulation: Armed consists of marching and rifle movements.
          Exhibition (girls): Exhibition includes the preformance aspect of drill.
Color Guard - The color guard is constructed of 4-5 cadets who present the colors. There are two- three flag bearers, (State flag, American flag, and/ or Battalion Colors), and two guards who are under arms and bear the rifles.
Honor Guard - Consists of the Saber Team. Their duty is to show respect to those who are being recognized.
Cyber Patriot - A small group of computer analysts who work as a team to secure computers from viruses within a certain time limit. If you would like to join Cyber Patriot, talk to the cadet next in command on how to sign up.